Friday, August 17, 2012

look at me look at me look at me!!!!

i'm an MRA! i'm a male version of Valerie Solanas. i'm unscrupulous (well yes, that is true). i have a rabid hatred of women!!! (stand back bitches!!!) i'm an 'it'!!!!!  i'm even 4 years old! i fling poo!!!! i would microwave a cat (OK, if i was really hungry), i'm gone!!! i'm a troll!!!! oh noes!!!!!! how-so-ever can i live with myself?

oh...the irony. i'm incredibly unimportant in the grand scheme of things, and even in the small scheme of things. truth be told, i'm not a Men's Rights Activist (though i see no issue there-except their own crazies), i don't know or give a rat's ass who valerie solanas is. however, things must be a  bit slow over at FTB. and no, before you go saying i'm insulting them over there by saying they're slow, i'm not. i've too much respect for the cognitively impaired, who despite severe difficulties, a system that infantilizes far too many of them, and the lack of concern of society at large, manage to do something with their lives.  (for the FTB short bus motherfuckers: you ARE 'slow', mentally, but i was talking about the news day being slow in this instance)

so... i tweeted one thing, at, rather than to, ophelia benson, including the misogynist slur 'bitch', though why she hates female dogs i'll never understand, but anyway, i blogged at her, since she's not really a human being in any substantive sense of the word, and i apparently made her day! she blogged about me! me! of course her little minions came out to lick her...well, whatever it is that sycophants lick these days. i was quite dismayed at the....not the vitriol, cuz being insulted by idiots is not really very dismaying, but the stupidity! jumpin' fuckin' jeebus those people over there are stupid. those insults above are real. one idiot even supposes that my twitter account isn't there anymore. way to use the internets, moron. another chromosome challenged minion commenter apparently is unaware that @ikonografer is my online handle, and even the most cursory search will give you my real name (it's joel mendez, for those of you still riding the ftb short bus, btw) and the city i live in, my blog, my podcast, and everything else you need. so....claiming i'm some anonymous troll is great, if evidence just isn't your thing.

now, dear ophelia, i know you like to talk shit about anyone who doesn't hate men, but  uh....based on one tweet you've managed to imply i'm all sorts of things--that's fine, i've read your fallacy ridden crap enough to know your modus operandi, as well as your lack of intellectual heft, your bigotry, ignorance of the issues, and your sickening level of white privilege, and even if i had never subjected myself to such painful levels of ignorance, i'm no shrinking violet, but it does show how averse you are to research, facts, information and so forth,  you know, that whole ejoomaykayshun sort of stuff. you're not a fully human creature, ophelia, that's why i blocked you on twitter (tell your idiot commenter how blocking someone on twitter works, you know, if you're not too stupid-wait, nevermind).

as for hating women ophelia, please, tell my wife how much i hate her. tell my daughters. all four of them. tell them. tell them how you know that i hate them. tell them that i somehow hate them, and all women, because i called you out on your bullshit discredited ideology. please. it would be an inoculation against the stupid radfem creed that everything with a penis is evil. please ophelia, tell them how when dad says 'sweetheart, you can do or be anything you want', how that translates, according to the ophelia benson feminist dictionary, into 'i hate you'. 

here's why i blocked you: i don't engage my dog in conversations about deep philosophical issues, the politics of the day, and so on. truth be told, when he challenges me, i let him know in no uncertain terms that he's not in charge. get it? now, why do you hate female dogs? are they also  not oppressed by alpha male hierarchy?

PS: dear SallyStrange: @woolybumblebee is my wife dumbass. i'm a separate person. get a fucking clue, you're an embarrassment to the human race.

PPS: dear ophelia: yes, you are a less than fully human.  still,  i retract my 'bitch' 'slur'. i've come to realize that even dogs are better people than you, and by using that word to describe you, i would demean the centuries of loyal, selfless, and courageous service rendered to us by species of the canis family..


  1. Dear Ophelia,

    please tell me the many ways in which I should be afraid of strange men when I'm more likely to be sexually assaulted by someone I know.

    Please remind me of the weakness of my sex and my powerlessness so I don't mistakenly go out at night.

    I've been far too comfortable lately, only having that chilling fear in the back of my mind when I'm in a dark parking lot, and I even expect some men to have that same irrational fear of the dark, but you've shown me I'm wrong. I should feel that ALL THE TIME.

    Same when I'm at home alone and that long-hidden human fear of the dark creeps up and I peek under the bed (even at 28 years old). You've shown me I shouldn't just think I'm being silly, but I should take it as evidence that I am oppressed by a pro-boogie monster culture.

    Please, Ophelia, keep reminding me of these things so I don't forget to be afraid.


    A Weak Little Women Who Should Really Be More Afraid.

    1. I like this. I'm going to turn this into a blog post.

    2. funny ms. graham, you don't strike me as afraid of very much. kudos and all sorts of great things to you for not being a shrinking violet (even if you check under your bed--*conspiratorially*: i don't watch horror or alien movies before bed...sssshhhhhhh!) damn. i just said that out loud, didn't i? fuck. oh ophelia's minions will spam me with slasher movie clips....i'll never sleep again!