Saturday, September 29, 2012

in the end, there can be only one

yes, the catchphrase to the Highlander film franchise. also, it's true about the sad circle jerk pretending to academic discourse on the atheism plus forum, titled "Examples of Intelligent/Well-Reasoned Arguments Against A+ ?", at which, as is the moderator's preference, there are no serious arguments, either for or against. in the end, however, like the catchphrase which titles this blog post, only one argument is actually necessary: atheism plus is a cult. period. end of story.

for many an atheist, the impetus for leaving an organized religion, is that the big three (judaism, christianity, and islam) are well organized and well funded cults. explain to me then, how it is that after liberating oneself from the mental shackles of organized religion, anyone would want to tie themselves to the impending train wreck begun by pz myers, rebecca watson, nevermind, i've heard, over the course of the past year and a half, more horseshit masquerading as intelligence than in the previous 36 years of my life combined. i've no interest in hearing more at this point. let's take a good look at this, shall we?

1. at the heart of every religion there is a false narrative that serves to underpin and justify the immoral behavior adherents are about to tell you it KNOWS is ordained by some higher authority. for christianity, it's the story of jesus, for judaism it's the collection of false stories in the old testament. for islam it is the qu'ran. for atheism plus, it's the elevatorgate story (and i am not the only one to notice the conspicuous lack of substantiating evidence for rebecca watson's lie). conclusion: atheism plus is like a religion in that it is begun with a false narrative. if you'd  like to argue otherwise, bring evidence (not anecdotes) the watson story is true, otherwise don't let the door hit you on the way out.

2. the most vocal and well known proponents of atheism plus wish to be divisive, and much like the big three, offer up a "chosen people"-jews are the chosen of judaism, islam requires the death of 'infidels' (which both de facto and de jure selects then, the faithful), scientology has its 'clears', christianity goes with 'the baptized'. for atheism plus, it's women and white knights, or more appropriately, radfems (as far as 'otherizing' women, those who disagree with the tenets of radical feminism are chill girls, queen bees, gender traitors, and sister punishers, rape apologists, rapists, misogynists, trolls and so on).

3. a recent blog post by taslima nareen (and her subsequent comments below it) speculate that b/c scientists have found that mammalian reproduction can be limited to female dna, it would be 'fun' to try, in the context of making men, as part of the reproductive process, obsolete). a very famous secular religion,(nazism) tried the whole genocide thing a while back. Islam advocates that all infidels be killed. radical christian bible camps today are preparing their "warriors" (read: children), for a genocidal confrontation with radical muslims. in the bible, yahweh orders the genocide of many of the 'chosen people's' enemies,  including the akkadians, men might very well be the new Akkadians.

4. judaism prohibits writing the name of god. read the atheismplus forum rules.

5. religions rely on 'educating' the weak minded, and at the atheismplus forum, those with opinions that diverge from the approved ones, are directed to the 'education' forum. radical islamist terrorists like the plo fund madrassas, the catholics and evangelicals also have religion based schooling.

6. shunning: common practice among the amish and jehova's witnesses, is part and parcel with richard carrier's denunciation of "C.H.U.D.s" (statements which no ftb or skepchick blogger has bothered to repudiate), and pz has also championed this intolerant,  immoral behavior.

the fact is, atheismplus is a cult. complete in every way, including the built in ostracism of a "safe space" for its adherents--this is the digital age version of david koresh's hideaway camp.  the same as the bible camp depicted in the film of the same name. it is a place where the psychologically vulnerable are brought together, and told that the outside world is wrong about everything, and where the same insecurities that have brought them there are used to facilitate indoctrination techniques designed to further the aims of cult leaders, in this case, the plausibly megalomaniacal wishes of attention whores like rebecca watson, pzmyers, and ed brayton--failures all in previous professional endeavors, like many cult leaders.

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